5 Books That Will Motivate You To Follow Your Dreams

The road to success is definitely not a straight line.On the road toward your dreams, there will always be days that you will ask yourself  “is it worth it” or “should I keep pushing or stop?”.

We all have those times when it’s hard to get up in the morning, and no matter how hard we try we just feel like giving up, So we have to find ways to stay motivated and inspired.

The books below are just what you need! 

Shonda Rhimes Year of yes 
Lilly Singh How to be a Bawse: A guide to conquering life
Brigit Schulte Overwhelmed: How to work, love and play, when no one has the time 
Lucy Macdonald, You can be optimist: change your thinking, change your life
Jen Sincero You are a badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life 
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Traveling informations to plan a good trip

  Take me away…

I want to make memories all over the world, this feeling of freedom when you are away, catching with your eyes every moment, To Travel is to live, Traveling sure is a soul remedy…

Smartphone travel apps: 
-Hotel tonight   -CityMapper
-Nike Running   -Babbel
-Clue(Pill Reminder)  -Expedia
-Travel List           -AirBnb
 -Google Map       -Itranslate
-Uber               -7Min Workout

When you plan your vacation, the hardest thing to find is a great place to stay with your friends & family, a good location with a good price. Thanks to those home rent online websites, you will find your happiness www.airbnb.com , Somehome.com, onefinestay.com

The Best Time to Buy an Airline Ticket tackk.com

where to book your trip: TripadvisorBooking.comExpedia

Easyjet and Ryanair are cheap Airline company where you can find cheap flights to wonderful destinations! www.easyjet.com |  www.ryanair.com

On www.cntraveler.com  you will find everything you want to know about traveling, and places in the world.Where to eat, places to stay, hotels, city guides, things to do, ect..

Now it’s time for you to start planning your trip! 

How To Plan A Party

After reading  Celebrate By Lauren Conrad this is what I’ve learned about Party Planning.In the hope, it will help you plan a great party!

Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Sandcastle Cottage Celebration:
Theme Parties ideas:
Outdoor dinner                Wine and Painting party      
Movie Night                     Mexican fiesta
Bridal shower                      Baby shower
Bachelorette Party              Cocktail party 
Dinner party                        Backyard barbecues
Sunday Brunch                Summer pool party

Before throwing a party or an event There are 6 important questions that you need to ask yourself first:
-What is the Occasion?
-Who is hosting?
-What is the time and date of the event?
-Where is the event taking place?
-Who is on your guest list?
-What is the budget?

-Don’t send the invitation too late, or too early
-Make your guest feel comfortable
-Create a good music  playlist
-Keep the menu simple

Good Cooking Youtube channels:

Yoga Girl

A great way to see a change in your life is to change some of your habits, stay active, care for your body and shape it up! I work out 3 times a week..well..at least I try. I keep myself motivated with quote,  active Instagram profiles, online websites workout articles, health magazines! Working out with a friend can help you stay motivated and stick to your goals.

 It’s been a year now that I have been practicing yoga seriously, thanks to this wonderful youtube channel @YogawithAdrienne I love it.  www.yogajournal.com is a  great website to find information on yoga , the yoga lifestyle.Perfect if you don’t know much about yoga and meditation.@Numeditationmusic is a music meditation youtube channel to help you relax while practicing yoga and meditation.
Yoga wear - especially nice for an early morning beach practice but works just as well in the yoga studio.: