Traveling information to plan a good trip

 Take me away…

I want to make memories all over the world, this feeling of freedom when you are away, catching with your eyes every moment, To Travel is to live, Traveling sure is a soul remedy…

Smartphone travel app: 
-Hotel tonight   -CityMapper
-Nike Running   -Babbel
-Clue(Pill Reminder)  -Expedia
-Travel List           -AirBnb
 -Google Map       -Itranslate
-Uber               -7Min Workout

When you plan your vacation, the hardest thing to find is a great place to stay with your friends and enjoy  your trip, a good location with a good price, thanks to those home rent online websites, I found my happiness,,

The Best Time to Buy an Airline Ticket

where to book your trip: Tripadvisor,,Expedia

Easyjet and Ryanair are cheap Airline company where you can find cheap flights with wonderful destination! |  you will find everything you want to know about traveling, and places in the world.Where to eat, places to stay, hotels,city guides,things to do ,  so you can plan a good trip!


One thought on “Traveling information to plan a good trip

  1. “The absolutely true diary or a part-time indian” by Sherman.A ..quite a “teen-book ” but funny as hell✨.

    ➡️ was passing by ..bisou & GREAT ARTICLES! 💫👌🏾

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