How to prepare yourself for a career in the fashion industry

How to prepare yourself for a career in the fashion industry
This is some of the things that I’ve learned from my Fashion Online courses with Teen Vogue and Parsons.

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First of all the Key to a successful career is doing what you love to do. Be passionate about what you are doing and put effective effort into building your dream career.Decide to not let the distraction, setback or excuses stop you, get going and get the work done.

Be an optimist, Some people are not optimist by nature but Being optimist can actually be learn.To see the change in your life, you have to want to see the change, and do everything you can to make it happen.It takes perseverance and self-motivation.Being optimist solves all of life’s problems, it gives hope for the future.By integrating optimism into your daily life you will be happier, more successful, better equipped to tackled challenges, and it is likely that your health will also benefit.

If you wish to succeed, be ready to fail,it’s frustrating,embaracing and painful to fail but you have to keep going and learn from the failure, if you give up after suffering a setback, your effort has been wasted, make every effort count by being persistent.Be willing to fail and you will be able to succeed.

Comfort and complacency will steal your best possibilities if you let them. Don’t let them.

Don’t limit yourself, think and act as if you live in a universe full of limitless, abundance and possibilities, share your Opinion and Ideas.

Choose to transform disappointment into determination, you have the opportunity to take a bad thing and transform it , into a good thing.

Keep Up with fashion, you have to stay on top of what is happening in the fashion industry( check out LinkedIn , read the headlines, read the blogosphere, stay on top of current events.)

 “success is not just about what you know, it’s  who you know” connection is everything, turn those connections into opportunities, experience the environment around you and learn from people around you, every person that you work with can teach you something.

In the hope, it will help you …


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