How To Plan A Party

After reading  Celebrate By Lauren Conrad this is what I’ve learned about Party Planning.In the hope, it will help you plan a great party!

Classy Girls Wear Pearls: Sandcastle Cottage Celebration:
Theme Parties ideas:
Outdoor dinner                Wine and Painting party      
Movie Night                     Mexican fiesta
Bridal shower                      Baby shower
Bachelorette Party              Cocktail party 
Dinner party                        Backyard barbecues
Sunday Brunch                Summer pool party

Before throwing a party or an event There are 6 important questions that you need to ask yourself first:
-What is the Occasion?
-Who is hosting?
-What is the time and date of the event?
-Where is the event taking place?
-Who is on your guest list?
-What is the budget?

-Don’t send the invitation too late, or too early
-Make your guest feel comfortable
-Create a good music  playlist
-Keep the menu simple

Good Cooking Youtube channels:


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