4 Beauty Hacks That You Won’t Regret

Today I’m recommending you the H&m website blog, I found amazing beauty hacks! They are great hacks that you might even not thought about it before.These 4 are my favorites.Fix broken lipstick
Take a lighter and melt the broken ends of both pieces by waving the flame near each end. Press the pieces together and melt the sides of the stick (waving flame around the seam). Once cool, blend the seam with your finger. Wait for it to cool and then pucker up!
Shattered powder
Carefully add the product (such as eyeshadow, blush or face powder) back into compact. Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Spritz over the powder and place a sheet of clingfilm over the compact. Press the powder back into place with your fingers or a butter knife. Wait for the product to dry out completely before using again.
Grown-out nails geometrics
This can be as simple as one square piece of scotch tape or several thin strips laid out over the nail, as long as it means you’ll be able to freshly paint the area that’s grown out. Stick a piece (or pieces) of tape over manicure and simply paint over it with another color. Instant nail art! Finish with clear nail varnish.
shrink a pimpleSHRINK A PIMPLE
Ice will reduce the pain and swelling of a pimple or zit. Put an ice cube in a plastic bag – not directly onto the skin! – and apply to a pimple for about five minutes. You’ll also notice the redness will be diminished. Yes!


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