Yoga Girl

A great way to see a change in your life is to change some of your habits, stay active, care for your body and shape it up! I work out 3 times a least I try. I keep myself motivated with quote,  active Instagram profiles, online websites workout articles, health magazines! Working out with a friend can help you stay motivated and stick to your goals.

 It’s been a year now that I have been practicing yoga seriously, thanks to this wonderful youtube channel @YogawithAdrienne I love it. is a  great website to find information on yoga , the yoga lifestyle.Perfect if you don’t know much about yoga and meditation.@Numeditationmusic is a music meditation youtube channel to help you relax while practicing yoga and meditation.
Yoga wear - especially nice for an early morning beach practice but works just as well in the yoga studio.:
Fit Tip: 3 Healthy Eating Hacks

My Work Out Routine
A Beginners Guide to Meditation

To get to the shop, just clic on  the pictures



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