My Work Out Routine

Before working out what I like to do is to set myself a goal, don’t be too hard on yourself, start with small goals like a 15min workout can change everything in your life! I read a lots of motivation quotes on Instagram, or online, My favorite ones are Nike quotes!

Arlenis Sosa

Sports is better with music, focus on your workout goal, sometimes when I start Listening to some music, especially afro beats…I start dancing and enjoying the music a little bit too much, good-bye concentration and motivation….
This is my workout  playlist:

DIET !….Nooo.. I always said that But after that I just end up not doing any, I just eat  healthy.I don’t plan my meals and I love cooking!

My favorites work out  apps :

  • Nike training club
  • Nike Running
  • 7min Workout
  • Six pack
  • On instagram I follow:
    @Kayla_Itsines @joannasoh
    @Mb_motivation @howandwhatiliketoeat
  • If you know good instagram work out or healthy tips IG please share it bellow in a comment 🙂

    WARM-UP Before Exercising

    warming up before exercising is really important if you don’t want to wake up with stiffness the next day! and when you warm up you see better result!

    10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

    Working out it’s something that I really enjoy doing.When I start modeling I wasn’t really working out because I wasn’t taking it too seriously but Now I work out more. I  work out alone because around me I don’ have friends who like working out, I don’t really mind it, I share my accomplishment with friends from around the world on instagram,or snapchat! 

    10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

    Usually, I work out at home or go to the gym club.Since I’m a youtube lover I  found out lots of work out youtube channels like Fitness blender, Joanna Soh, Yoga with Adrienne,blogilates..ectt..and I LOVE IT .lately I bought a new rope, I didn’t remember in my childhood that jumping rope was so painful! like really….

    I love yoga, I don’t stress easily cause I’m a relax person but stress is like negativity it’s really contagious.

    Don’t forget to drink lots of water while exercising.. 😉


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